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    Setting benchmarks for a new paradigm in aviation

    Bashar Beasha, Naushad Ahmad and Claudio Lietaert are the entrepreneurial trio behind the success of the young enterprise Global Jet Centre. Even though their company is still relatively small, it’s already providing sound solutions to the big boys in its industry.

    In an industry as dynamic as aviation, Global Jet Centre has not only managed to find its ground, but is pushing the limits of what can be achieved. Specialising in providing charters, the company organises flights to and from the Middle East, Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia; flying to over 40,000 airports across the globe. From flexible and readymade solutions for business, leisure and group charters to medical evacuations, the company has a vast portfolio of client-driven solutions. This is the result of the relentless efforts of its three partners to establish a company that purely focuses on standards and high-quality customer service.

    The home-grown business was founded about five years ago and has already managed to gain customer confidence and a reputation for reliability. Its mission is simple: Air travel on your own terms. A powerful statement that speaks volumes about what the company prides itself on. “During the initial stages, the competition was a major concern for us because we knew we were entering a crowded space. So, it was up to us how we wanted to differentiate ourselves – and we chose customer service,” explains Bashar Beasha.

    Adding to this Claudio Lietaert says: “Absolutely. We’ve set the tone, right from the onset. We are here for our customers. I think our clients respect the fact that between the three of us, we have over four decades of aviation experience. In fact, they look up to us, in a way, to guide them in the right direction. With all humility, we’ve experienced all the trials of operating within the aviation industry and have become champions at dealing with the processes. A significant proportion of our clientele comprises of high-profile individuals, who expect a certain kind of service and flexibility, and we ensure that we offer that to them.”

    Backing up this promise of ‘customer first’ is the company’s professional team that is available around the clock for help with any client requirements. This includes things such as a personalised catering menu, dedicated VIP lounge or transfers to and from the airport. This is, of course, only scratching the surface of what the company has on offer. But bespoke service aside, another key factor aiding the company’s fast-paced growth is the support it is receiving from Dubai South – the business park it is based out of. “The best part about Dubai South Business Park is its prolific location and proximity to the new Al Maktoum Airport. It really strengthens our offering,” explains Naushad Ahmad. “From a partnership point-of-view, they have been fantastic to work with. They understand the challenges of a growing SME and have provided constant support to us throughout our journey. They are cost-effective, they assist us with marketing, they streamline all the paperwork and most importantly, they are the ideal partners for us as we look to scale up.”

    “Going back to what we were saying about the customer, I think the prestige that comes attached with working alongside partners such as Dubai South adds immense value to us an SME. It instils confidence within our customers and has allowed us to enter exciting markets,” Lietaert jumps in.

    A touch of technology
    Speaking of what’s currently on their agenda, the Managing Partners share that Global Jet Centre is in the midst of upgrading its technology systems. “We are investing in improving our CRM systems to ensure that we are always updated with customer information and have an eye on the business in real time,” explains Bashar Beasha. “We’ve tested some of this technology and it’s truly remarkable in terms of enabling us to speed up our response time.”

    Expanding further, Naushad Ahmad says: “We are in the quest for perfection and we seek improvement in various aspects of our business. We are motivated by the need for continual improvement. We benchmark ourselves against our international competitors and if that requires investment in certain areas of technology, we will consider it.”

    Lietaert also quickly points out that the company treads a fine balance between face-to-face and technology-based interactions. “At the end of the day, we are a business that requires a lot of human interaction and we are careful to not let technology completely take over.”

    What’s next
    The company says that it has top-notch charters flying all around the world. The primary market, however, remains GCC. Now, Global Jet Centre is renewing its plans for expansion into new markets, which includes setting up regional offices outside the UAE. “We’ve come a long way, but we consider ourselves as starters in the industry. We operate with a start-up mind-set and have big ambitions for the company,” smiles Naushad Ahmad. “We’ve firmly established ourselves here, so it’s time to be able to set a benchmark outside our current market.” The company is currently finalizing its strategy to make inroads into other markets.

    “Expansion means hiring more members to our team and that’s something on the cards,” Beashar Beasha quips in. And when it comes to new talent, the trio believes there’s no better way than to lead by example. The chemistry they share is truly an inspiration to any new members who will join them in the future.

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