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    Empty Leg Flights – The Affordable Way to Fly by Private Jet

    An empty leg on a private jet becomes available each time an aircraft is booked on a one-way basis, where the aircraft will need to leave or return to its base of operations following completion of its booked flight. With thousands of private jet flights taking off daily around the globe, the possibility of securing an empty leg is quite high at any given time.

    The benefits of booking a trip on an empty leg are many. Most importantly, they present regular private jet passengers with fares at attractive rates, with no compromise on luxury and convenience. To further highlight this benefit, empty legs are priced much cheaper than a full charter, and sometimes compete with first class prices on international airlines.

    Our team of private jet charter specialists at Global Jet Centre with their global reach can assist clients with securing an empty leg flight once tentative dates to the destination is provided. The team will review schedules and itineraries to identify if an empty leg is available to the destination within the date range specified by our customers. In most cases, the availability of empty legs is confirmed on short notice, hence it is important that passengers include a certain degree of flexibility in their travel plans.

    One aspect to keep in mind is that since empty legs are results of a booked private jet flight, the empty leg can be subject to change or cancellation – if the original customer changes their timing or route. Hence, passengers interested in this charter service should be highly flexible with their travel arrangements.

    For all inquiries and for expert advice and guidance for your trips on a private jet, Global Jet Centre’s expert staff with decades of experience are always on hand to assist. With access to an extensive fleet of over 300 types of aircraft, Global Jet Centre stands ready to provide customers with options that will perfectly suit their unique requirements.